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New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission is releasing the Resilience Assessment Surveys.

Please Participate. 


See further information and the links Below website:



Resilience Assessment Surveys by water sector:  

·         Recreation and Quality of Life Resilience Assessment Survey

·         Public Water Systems or Domestic Wells Resilience Assessment Survey

·         Irrigated Agriculture Resilience Assessment Survey

·         Industrial, Commercial, Mining and Power Resilience Assessment Survey

·         Watershed and Habitat Resilience Assessment Survey

You are invited to participate in 1 or more surveys. We have created 5 unique surveys, each focused on a different water sector. You are welcome to complete as many as you like, even multiple surveys for each sector based on different climatic regions or your specific areas of interest.


A matrix was developed for each sector to provide a framework to assess resilience. The surveys ask for your input using each matrix and includes questions to help generate thinking about resilience to climate change.


We recognize that evaluating resilience within each of these sectors is highly complex. The matrices provided here may not account for specific circumstances or the combined affect of multiple factors. However, they are intended to provide a general framework to begin thinking about and working toward improved resilience related to water resources in New Mexico.


We also acknowledge the multiple efforts currently underway across the state to evaluate resilience and prepare for climate change. We appreciate the significant and thoughtful input we received through the process of developing these matrices.


Your input through these Resilience Assessment Surveys will inform strategy building and will be reflected in the 50-Year Water Plan. 



Monday - Thursday

7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Closed Friday